Introduce Yourself and Connect with Others

  • Jesus Morales

    11 March 2024 at 20h49

    Hello my name is Jesus

    I am taking this course to better understand Accounting

    I am looking forward to connecting with others.

  • Mouayad El Hamwi

    17 April 2024 at 18h17

    Please introduce yourself in this discussion forum.

    • Why are you subscribing to this course?
    • Are you an undergraduate or graduate student?
    • Also, connect with other people to share knowledge and information.

    Hello this is Mouayad.
    I am an Accounting and Supply Chain graduate. I have been having hard time finding a job in the Supply chain field. Therefore, I decided to review my accounting knowledge to be ready to apply for accounting jobs. Professor Farhat has always been my go to person when I had difficulty understanding topics during my college years. I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to review my knowledge using his courses.

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