Your ONE subscription of 29.99/month will give you access to ALL courses. 

You can also be enrolled in multiple courses at the same time.  All you need to do is register for that particular course.

Yes, you can cancel anytime. 

Canceling your subscription is free of charge. However, please note that we don't offer refunds or prorated amounts for the month of cancellation. You will continue to have access until the end of your current subscription period.

CPA review providers expect you to be familiar with the material already. However, unlike those, I provide comprehensive instruction from the ground up. I don't assume any prior knowledge as I teach the material.


Yes, you'll still require a CPA review course. Consider my material as a valuable supplement, designed to enhance your understanding when used alongside your CPA review course. It's not a replacement, but a complementary resource.

Three different ways:

1. Comprehensive Method:

- Always start with a thorough review using Farhat Lectures.
- Engage with our MCQs, True/False questions, and exercises to grasp the material in-depth.
- Transition to your CPA review course to reinforce what you've learned.
- This is our most recommended and effective approach.

2. On-Demand Focus:

- Pinpoint and zero in on topics where you need enhancement.
- Utilize Farhat Lectures to deepen your understanding of those specific areas.
- The key here is recognizing and targeting your weaker subjects.

3. Practice & Reinforce:

- Leverage our extensive collection of MCQs to practice and solidify your grasp on topics.
- It's a great way to continually refresh and reinforce your knowledge.

Feel free to mix and match methods based on your needs.

For personalized guidance, book a consultation with Farhat directly.  https://calendly.com/mansour-farhat/cpa-exam-consulation?month=2023-09

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