CMA Exam Part 2

This CMA supplemental course is best for students who are studying for the CMA exam part 2. Professor Farhat provides alternative explanations and resources to help you pass the CMA exam along your CMA review course
Mansour Farhat · 21 April 2023


This course will help you supplement your CMA exam preparation. It does not matter which CMA review you are currently using, Farhat Lectures can help you understand the material better. My course includes:

  • 500+ videos lectures
  • 1’000 ‘s of multiple choice questions
  • 1,000’s of Tue/false questions
  • 100’s of Exercises
  • Notes/PPT Slides

The following selected topics are covered:

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Ratios
  • Foreign Currency Transaction
  • Hedging Strategies: Fair Value and Cash Flow Hedge
  • Earnings Quality
  • Risk and Return
  • Nominal Vs real Rate
  • Geometric Vs Arithmetic Mean
  • Standard Deviation
  • Systematic Vs Unsystemic Risk
  • Portfolio Theory
  • Capital Asset Pricing model (CAPM)
  • Security market line (SML)
  • Bond Valuation
  • Stock Valuation
  • Derivatives
  • Options
  • Raising Capital
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital WACC
  • Cost of Debt
  • Cost of Equity
  • Cost Volume P:rofit Analysis
  • Marginal Analysis
  • Special Orders
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Economic Order Quantity
  • Time Value of Monet
  • Capital Budgeting

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This course does not substitute your CMA review but supplement your current review course.

If you have any questions about the course please email me at

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