Transcript Evaluations

To become a licensed CPA in the United States you need 150 credits/credit hours.
The specific course requirements vary depending on which state you apply through.
We help you figure out what you have and what you need – and help you become a CPA!
All evaluations take 24-48 hours to complete.

International students

We help you understand your NASBA/international evaluation by helping you choose the correct courses to fulfill your state accountancy board education requirements.

We have students from over 20 different countries who have joined CpaCredits this year – Canada, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, India, and the U.K to name a few.

U.S students

We help evaluate your undergraduate and masters transcripts, by separating your accounting and business courses, and helping you to determine what courses you still need to fulfill your state board educational requirements.

We help suggest what courses to take, sending you the syllabi of these courses, which we recommend you share with your state board.