Ambassador Program

Why choose Farhat Lectures

Farhatlecrures is one of the fastest-growing providers of supplemental materials for accounting and CPA review courses.

Farhatlectures is the only company that offers custom made supplemental education aligned and mapped to various CPA review courses and accounting courses.

What Would Your Responsibilities Be?

  • Hold an information table each semester on campus to educate college students on the importance of the accounting field.

  • Maintain and update a list of the accounting students on campus which includes their names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. 

  • Secure at least two meetings per semester with on-campus Accounting organizations, such as Beta Alpha Psi, other business fraternities or accounting clubs.

  • Attend your college accounting events on behalf of, distribute flyers, and introduce us to the attendees.

  • Be committed to speaking about us on campus, introducing our products, and showing your fellow students how farhatlectures can support them in facing their challenges.  

What are the Qualifications?

To be eligible to join our Ambassador Program, you should:

  • Be enrolled in Accounting or equivalent major at college or university

  • Be actively engaged with on-campus accounting organizations and clubs

  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills

  • Be a good listener and a great supporter to your fellow students