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By Mansour Farhat

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Who would benefit from the supplemental material?

  • Candidates feeling that their CPA review course is moving too fast and not explaining the material in detail.
  • Candidates who have been out of school for an extended period of time and need a refresher.
  • Recently graduated candidates who forgot the basics.
  • Candidates who failed the CPA exam and are looking for extra help.
  • International candidates studying for the US CPA exam.
  • Candidates looking for additional MCQs to practice.
  • Candidates looking to supplement their current CPA review course.
  • Any combination of the above.

How to use Farhat material along your CPA review course?

  • Use Farhat resources first to learn the concepts then use your CPA course to review for the exam.
  • Use Farhat material as an alternative explanation or a backup system when your CPA review course falls short for a particular topic or does not cover it in depth.
  • Use Farhat material as extra practice (MCQs) to prepare for the CPA exam.
  • Use the material to zoom or focus on weak areas.
  • Combine those methods as you see fit.

What is included?

  • Material mapped out to your CPA review course such as R1 Module 1, Module 2 etc.
  • Over 150+ in depth lectures
  • Over 100 narrated/explained MCQs by professor Farhat
  • 1,000+ CPA MCQs
  • 400+ previously released AICPA questions with detailed solutions
  • 500+ T/F that help you with understanding the material
  • PowerPoint Slides notes
  • 100+ Exercises
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What Our Learners Think?

Professor Farhat's knowledge and ability to teach complicated topics at a level where anyone can understand is a true gift. I supplemented Becker with his ideos and passed all 4 parts of the exam on the first try. Please do yourself a favor and watch his lectures!

Sade Baker, CPA

Global Brand Opex Associate Director at Sanofi

Thank you Mansour! I wouldn't be here today without the help of your videos. I still watch them after passing the CPA exams for refreshers. Keep doing what you do! 👍🏼

Jake Hollenbeck, CPA

Staff Accountant at Wipfli LLP

I used Professor Farhat’s videos in addition with Beckers. His videos helped me understand the concepts with examples making them relatively easy to follow. It’s a great resource for those preparing for the CPA exam.

Aastha Buttan

CPA (USA), Certified Sarbanes Oxley Expert (CSOE)

I used Professor Farhat’s lectures in complement to my Becker review course. The lectures are in depth and covered the topics that Becker either omitted or were quite short. Professor uses comprehensive and plain language and provides many examples during the lectures, so even pretty challenging topics are affordable for students to understand and absorb.

Advanced Audit Staff at HCVT

Aramazd Demirkhanyan

The videos on Government Accounting were simply great! The way you have designed the content and presentation made the entire concept very simple, easy to understand and remember. Thank you so much for making this!

Arul Murugan Subbaiah


I have watched Professor Farhat video lectures for my college accounting courses. He breaks down each topic in detail and helps you understand the material with several illustrative examples. Using his content, I achieved top marks in my accounting courses. Furthermore, I used his video lectures to supplement my Becker CPA Review course on topics where I struggled. His content helped me successfully pass all four CPA exams on my first attempt. I highly recommend Professor Farhat to any accounting student and/or CPA candidate.

Scott Rothchild

Audit Intern at Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC)

Mansour's video lectures are extremely helpful! While studying for CPA, there were multiple chapters which I wasn't comfortable with at first go, and that is when I would turn to Mansour's lectures, which would help me understand key concepts through easy communication and clear examples. Thank you for your contribution towards my CPA completion journey.

Shubham Banerjee

Certified Public Accountant (US)

Mansour Farhat's accounting videos were instrumental in my success throughout college. I frequently relied on his instruction when I was struggling with various topics. I spent countless hours watching his videos over and over again, and I strongly recommend his videos to anyone who is struggling as an accounting major. He is very encouraging and communicates clearly in a manner that makes complicated concepts understandable by giving very detailed examples and articulating exactly how the concepts work in the real world

Andrew Manningham, CPA

Senior Assurance Associate and Perpetual Student at RSM US LLP

Supplemental CPA exam materials provided by Mansour is really helpful for those difficult chapters. I did benefit a lot from it during my CPA exam journey.

Nien-Yi (Ariel) Lee

Finance Partner at Siemens Healthineers

If you are struggling with FAR topics Mansour Farhat is here to help you. Not only that he directly answered many questions in the FAR Facebook group, his videos also help students with topics that they struggle with. He definitely helped me understand intercompany transactions, which was the subject I've never seen or studied before. I passed FAR on a first try. Thank you!

Slobodanka Mitchell

Assurance Staff at EY

His videos really helped me on the topics I was lost on. If anyone is studying accounting I cannot recommend his videos enough.

Aaron Rafelson

Tax Associate at EY

I discovered Farhat lectures, and he helped me progress to achieving all four parts of the CPA exams in November 2021. His content is very informative and easy to follow. I am extremely grateful to Professor Farhat for devoting the time and attention to assisting me with my goal. My success is largely due to his videos and willingness to converse with me on the topics I found more challenging. Thank You!!!!

M Miller

Senior Internal Auditor at N/A

Mansour Farhat's videos played a pivotal role in preparing for the IRS Enrolled Agent exams. The Income Tax course broke down the concepts while building competency and confidence in my ability to successfully prepare tax returns or provide tax advice to clients. His course thoroughly prepared me to pass each exam on the first attempt. With my new Enrolled Agent status, I landed a job in the tax field. Thanks, Mansour Farhat!

Suellen DeLaughter

Credentialed Tax Accountant

I credit Mansour’s videos as a big reason for why I passed all four of my CPA exams. There are many topics/subjects that aren’t explained well with other CPA exam prep courses. Farhat’s videos are crucial to supplement with your CPA exam prep material if you’re looking to pass all 4 exams.

Sam Yarsike, CPA

Assurance Associate at PwC

His video are extremely helpful because the way he explains even the toughest topic is just so simple & precise. I can't recommend his valueable page enough, absolutely loved taking help of his videos whenever got stuck in a difficult topic/chapter. Highly highly recommend to anyone who's studying for the CPA exam!!

Shradha Gola


Farhat’s lectures filled in the gaps when studying for the CPA exam. He knows how to explain the content while telling you what you can expect when taking the exam. I strongly recommend supplementation of your CPA review course with Farhat.

Matthew Zylak, CPA

Controller at Safran Optics 1

Professor Farhats videos were a key to me passing all 4 CPA exams. Supplemented His lectures with Becker and every time I was eating, before going to bed or during lunch breaks I found myself watching his videos. Thank you so much for playing such a huge role in my journey!

Parth Patel, CPA

Audit Senior - Investment Management Group at Deloitte

I used these videos to supplement my CPA prep from Becker. He was especially helpful for FAR and REG. Huge shout out!

Jacob Borkowski

Assurance Experienced Associate at PwC

Professor Farhat’s lectures were key to my success throughout college and passing the CPA exam. He does a great job of making complex topics easy to understand! Would recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Kristen Rezac

Audit Senior Assistant

Professor Farhat's lectures were a great supplement to my CPA review course! His lectures became a staple to my final review study sessions, as they provided clarification on topics that I was unsure of. The lectures are concise and easy to follow along with, and they're a great resource for anyone studying for the CPA exam or for those who are working toward their accounting degree!

Maria Wagner

Staff Accountant at Capaldi Reynolds & Pelosi, P.A.

I recommend Professor Farhat to any aspiring CPA. His videos were extremely helpful for any topic I was having trouble with. His lectures would often provide examples that he would go through in great detail, which was very valuable during my CPA journey.

Joshua Kokhavim, CPA

Senior Tax Associate at PwC

Mansour Farhat is a premier teacher with a unique gift of communicating the complex in simple, intelligible form. His passion for teaching and desire to see students succeed is evident in every video. His videos are comprehensive and emphasize understanding — not memorization. Much of my success in passing the CPA exams is due directly to Mansour Farhat’s efforts.

Joseph Speybroeck

Tax Associate

Highly recommend, helped me out when I was confused about CPA topics! thank you!

Neil Wu, CPA

Senior Associate

Professor Farhat's instructive videos were instrumental to finishing my degree in Accounting. As an entirely online student, I often missed the benefit of having an instructor I could follow along with. Professor Farhat's videos helped bridge that gap. Regardless of your goals in Accounting; be it one class, an entire degree, CPA, or CMA, Professor Farhat's instruction will help you.

Donald Olson

Advanced/Senior Inventory Accounting Specialist at DENSO

Professor Farhat videos and lectures are amazing. They helped me so much during college - introductory and intermediate accounting courses both. They were an invaluable supplemental study tool for my through college and after college while I studied for my CPA exams. Professor Farhat explains things in an easy to understand manner and is extremely illustrative. I highly recommend signing up for his subscription. I could not have achieved as much academic success as I did without him.

Laura Miles, CPA

Audit Senior Accountant

Professor Farhat was incredibly helpful to me during my CPA studies. His videos are very easy to follow and can be supplemented with any review course. I highly recommend them to any accounting student and aspiring CPA. He helped me pass all 4 sections on my first try, and I only wish I had discovered Farhat Lectures in college..

Elizabeth Johnson, CPA

Senior Tax Associate at DGC a division of PKF O'Connor Davies, LLP

I highly recommend Farhat’s videos as supplemental resource for CPA studying. His videos were very useful during my study process when I was not understanding information displayed in my main study material. Please consider his resources while studying for a more in-depth understanding of hard to grasp concepts!

Daniel Lipkin, CPA

Certified Public Accountant

Greetings CPA/Aspiring CPA! I used Farhat Youtube Lectures in addition to my Becker Course Material. The Farhat Youtube videos worked to my advantage because they offered a different perspective than what the Becker class taught as well as Farhat dove deeper into certain topics and I was able to understand things better than I would using Becker material. I believe Farhat puts a spin on the course material thats more than just for the CPA, this is educational in nature and goes beyond the CPA exam. Thank you Mansour Farhat for the educational material and I would recommend it to all CPA candidates!

Ryan Bakke, CPA

I Help Real Estate Investors Boost Their ROI.

Anyone working on their CPA should take Professor Farhat’s course to supplement their studying. I was struggling to get past the REG exam for my CPA (passed on 4th try) and Professor Farhat’s lectures helped me understand topics that were keeping me from passing. I highly recommend it if you are using Becker. Check it out at it is a great resource to use.

Alfredo Vera, Jr., CPA 1st degree connection

Auditor at Cascos & Associates, PC

Thank you very much for your lectures, Professor Farhat! They were my #1 tool every time I could not understand a topic, starting from my masters all the way to my CPA exam. With your help, I passed all four parts of the CPA exam on my first attempt in less than a year. THANK YOU!

Jasmina (Pandeva) Najdovski, CPA, MBA, MAcc


Mansour's lectures run a wide gamut along from taxes and audit to financial accounting reporting and ethics. The courses he puts out are superb in quality, easily understood, and are very thorough. I am a CPA with 15+ years of industry experience and in the last couple of years I have on and off listened to Mansour's lectures whenever I need to brush up on something, or I have to deal w a more complex topic that I am a bit rusty on. Additionally, in the last year his lectures helped quite a bit in my prep for the CMA exam. Thank you for your dedication to quality and effort in getting your material out there for us all.

Ilya Ilienko, dual MBA, CMA, CPA

Director - Accounting / Finance / Operations (Audit+)

I have used Mansour's CPA lectures to supplement my main CPA course. I subscribed to his lectures and gain a deeper understanding of every aspect of the FAR topics. His lectures on bonds, business combinations, leases, and inventory (valuation) were so helpful. I got a simulation on each topic and I could hear his voice during the exam. Five years after passing and getting my license I am still subscribing to his lectures. I love his teaching style and passion for teaching aspiring CPAs. Keep up the good work Mansour.

Sylvia Katabaazi CPA MBA

Senior Accounting Manager

During my undergrad, Farhat's lectures got me through challenging intermediate and advanced accounting courses. He breaks down each segment into straightforward terms and explains the material better than my instructors could. His lectures on auditing are beneficial in understanding the auditing process and provide examples for better understanding. I plan to use his videos throughout my graduate studies and CPA preparation.

Stephanie Weldon, MAcc

Business Process Analyst for Contracts and Pricing at Ingalls Shipbuilding, A Division of Huntington Ingalls Industries

Professor Farhat’s lectures are extremely helpful for difficult concepts like you will face on the FAR exam. He does such a wonderful job of explaining step-by-step how to work through problems and also gives you valuable examples on how to be successful on the CPA exam. I have spoke to so many people that Professor Farhat has helped through the years. He truly is a leader in the accounting field. I highly recommend using his videos to be more successful on the CPA exam. Thank you Professor Farhat for helping me pass my CPA exam! Last exam passed on 2/22/2021.

Kevin Davis, CPA

Aycock & Company CPA

I found Professor Farhat’s lectures when I was studying for the CPA exam. I had already purchased a full review program, but there were some areas where I needed a little extra material or where it was helpful to have a topic explained in a different way. That’s where Professor Farhat’s lectures came in. They helped me better understand difficult concepts and boosted my confidence in my knowledge and ability to pass the exams, and I did! I passed all 4 exam sections on the first try with scores ranging from 92 to 96. Professor Farhat’s lectures were a key ingredient in my recipe to success and I highly recommend them to all CPA candidates, even if you already use another program as well.

Rose Marie Watson, CPA, MAcc

Certified Public Accountant working as a Senior Management Analyst Supervisor for the Florida Department of Elder Affairs

Professor Farhat has never met me, but he was so kind to me and treated me like one of his own students. He provided me with the courage to pass my CPA exam and has been so interested in my progress. PLEASE watch Farhat lectures if you have any accounting questions, or are preparing for the CPA exam. He makes the most intimidating topics easy to understand. Thank you Professor Farhat!

Brooke Goodall, CPA

Assurance Senior at Moss Adams

Professor Farhat’s videos are the best. Although I used Becker software, whenever I use to get stuck on few concepts his videos helped me lot! He explains every minute detail with full enthusiasm that too each and every time. I highly recommend to watch his videos !

Rakshanda Amte

Auditor at Teladoc

Professor Farhat’s videos were incredibly thorough and effective. I watched them whenever I got stuck with any of the topics of CPA exam. I can absolutely say that his videos played a huge role in I passing all the tests. Can’t recommend enough.

Hem Mehta

Advance analyst at EY, US CPA

Very pleased with Professor Farhat's CPA review lectures. Years had past since my last accounting courses and I found his teaching and review method to be incredibly helpful in my CPA journey. I passed FAR and BEC utilizing his lectures for review on concepts that I struggled with. I am now a licensed CPA, much appreciation to Professor Farhat!

Cayosha Mathis, CPA

Credit Union Examiner

Prof. Farhat is a highly skilled CPA and Accounting lecturer. I passed all my CPA exams on first try with the lectures from Prof. Farhat lectures. I have been out of college for almost 20 years and studying for exams are no longer the easiest thing for me. I always resorted to his lectures to learning and reinforce the concepts with his easy-to-understand teaching style. For instance, I have never learned Government Accounting while studying in college and I also never worked in the Government sector. I totally didn’t understand the topic while studying for FAR. Prof. Farhat’s lectures taught me the basics of modified accrual accounting and government financial statements. My confidence was built up after going through his lectures. I got more than a handful of MCQ on this topic alone while taking the FAR portion of the CPA. Thank you Prof. Farhat!

Charlene Chen, CMA, CPA

Commercial Finance | Budget & Forecast | Strategic Planning | Project Management | Vendavo Pricing

I passed all 4 sections of my CPA exams in large part thanks to Mansour Farhat's videos. He explains topics very well and was my go-to whenever I got stuck. I highly recommend him for CPA exam help

Jahaziel Aguilar, CPA

Business Manager at Dolan Auto Group

Professor Farhat has an amazing review course. It comes with engaging recorded video lectures. The course breaks down each section into understandable details and makes study easy.

Andre Arutiunian, CPA

Auditor at Ernst & Young

Professor Farhat’s videos helped me so much while I was studying for the CPA. Amazing content. Can’t recommend enough!

Kelsey Roman, CPA

Assurance Senior at EY

Thanks to the wonders of the modern technology, I have had the pleasure to learn from Mr Farhat through his video lectures. I never used to enjoy accountancy, and my scores always suffered due to the same. Mr Farhat's lucid explanations, which are a testament to his flair for pedagogy have, however, truly helped me gain interest, and subsequent proficiency in the same. So is also true for several others in my course. Would highly recommend him for all, from the ones trying to gain interest in accountancy, to the ones willing to enjoy the beauty of the subject.

N Sunnel

Solving hunger

Professor Farhat's videos are a life saver for any accounting student or CPA candidate. He makes tricky concepts very easy to understand!

Drew Cogdell

Senior Audit Associate at Grant Thornton LLP

I am studying Accounting and I want to take this opportunity to share my experience with the guidance provided by Mr. Mansour Farhat. I was struggling with Intermediate Accounting course and Farhat's lectures helped me to understand the complex concepts in a easy way. And I am following his You Tube channel since September 2019. I still look up to his lectures when I find difficulty in understanding the Accounting concepts. I have hopes that more and more students are going to get help from Farhat's channel and grow in their respective industry to become better CPA's.

Rajwant Kaur

Staff Accountant at Key-West Asphalt | CPA Candidate

I am glad to share this news with you that I've completed my CMA(US). Farhat helped me understand each topic conceptually.. specially Activity Based Costing(Part 1) and certain corporate finance topics(part 2) Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! 😀

Het Joshi, CMA

CMA(US) || CPA candidate (3/4) || Director - IMA Mumbai Chapter

I used Farhat's accounting videos to help supplement my accounting classes throughout college and with my CPA exam prep as well. As a result, I ended up doing very well in my classes and passing all four sections of the CPA exam on the first try! He walks through complex topics in a much more understandable way and I strongly recommend his videos to anyone who finds accounting material confusing. Thanks Farha

Kezia Mathai, CPA

Internal Auditor - SOX at Salesforce

Thank you Mansour! I wouldn't be here today without the help of your videos. I still watch them after passing the CPA exams for refreshers. Keep doing what you do! 👍🏼

Manny Conriquez

Digital Revenue Analyst at EA

Farhat's lectures have helped me alot in clearing my CPA for all the sections.. whenever in doubt his lectures were a go to thing for me throughout my preparations. The way he teaches and explains the concept is so good and crystal clear.. Thank you so much Sir for helping throughout my journey..

Geetika Aggarwal, CPA

Assistant Manager at American Express, Ex Macquarie & Fidelity | Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Mansour does a great job of simplifying complex accounting topics by creating awesome videos. He helped me throughout my college career and was a vital resource for the CPA Exam!

Joe Platz, CPA

Tax Services Senior at EY

I watched some of Mansour Farhat's videos relating to internal control within IT for my BEC exam. His videos gave me a better understanding on the topic, which ultimately played a major role in helping me pass. I will continue to use his content, and recommend it to anyone who needs guidance on material for the CPA!

Lawrence Corbin, CPA

Audit Senior at EisnerAmper

Professor Farhat has helped me throughout college. His explanations are thorough and meticulous. I most definitely recommend him, if any of you get stuck on accounting problems! Subscribe guys

Randy Saputra

International Tax and Transaction Services Assistant at EY

Mansour’s lectures were incredibly effective and thorough. Many study materials assume you already know the material. Mansour breaks down concepts in a way that’s easy to understand. Thank you Mansour for everything. I attribute most of my CPA exam success to you!

Farah Saleh, CPA

Dually Licensed Tax CPA (U.S. & Australia)

Mansour Farhat's lectures helped me grasps some difficult accounting concepts and pass my CPA exams. It is a good supplement for your CPA reviewer.

Marquelle Grace Barodi, CPA

Senior Accountant at Maritime Partners

You will not regret coming across this man and his content, and THAT is a PROMISE. If you don't understand Accounting and Taxes are a foreign language, THIS IS where you want to be. Don't wait, don't hesitate, don't procrastinate. Instructions are simple, language is digestible, and comprehension is layman. Thank you Mr. Mansour for making this journey a breeze. Stay blessed.

Afri P.

Living with my head in the Cloud | Designing Virtual Networks + Data Centers | Cloud Technology Researcher

I highly recommend following up Mr. Farhat's channels . it helped me understand the financial reporting standards very much, as he explained them in a professional, simplified and understandable language. and I would like to thank him for this wonderful effort.

jehan jaddini

Financial Consultant & Trainer MS Ac, CMA, CIA, CFE ,CRMA, PMI RMP, CRMP, GRCP, GRCA, CERTIFR, FMVA

I am very grateful for Farhat Lectures videos that Mr. Farhat has made. He is great at explaining the topics and including real life examples in a way that is easy to comprehend. He is definitely enthusiastic and passionate about the subjects he discusses

Maria Montoya-Elder

VP of Audit & Regulatory Exam Management; MBA, CRCM, CAFP

I passed FAR and REG of the CPA exam. I watched Farhat lectures videos and they helped me a lot. They are understandable and I love how you explained the terminology, how you gave us the example so that the concept makes more sense. That way helps us to approach the terms from many prospectives. I highly recommend CPA candidates to take Professor Farhat's lectures if you get stuck on any topic.

Johnny Lai, CPA 1st degree connection

Advanced Tax Staff at HCVT

Your Lectures helped me a lot. I started taking your lectures when i got stuck in audit sampling. since then I am taking your lectures only, for studying. you explain with the help of example for better understanding of the concept.

CA Mitali Mahatma CPA US

Chartered Accountant, Finance and Operation Manager at Vizlitics Technologies Private Limited

Mr. Farhat’s lectures have taught me more about accounting than my undergrad and grad programs could ever imagine. Professor above all others!

Amber Frazier

Accounting Controller, Masters in Accounting, CPA Candidate

I used to watch videos of Farhat sir and concept clarification was top of class. you are being taught from very basic lessons which helps to understand advance concepts. it helped to clear all 4 CPA sections in one go. Thank You SIr.

Pranav Jani

CA,CPA (Awaiting License),DISA

I just passed the last part (REG) of my CPA exam Farhat is an excellent teacher!! His material has helped me pass all four parts of my CPA exam- I can’t recommend him enough. People who are preparing for CPA just, make sure to use his material...I had Becker but his resources were excellent supplemental tool as Becker don’t cover the material in detail. His website is amazing and follow your CPA course. Use his website. Thank me later guys!!

Usman Shaheen,CPA,ACCA

Assistant Vice President- Forensic Consultant at Marsh Mclennan

Mansour Farhat really goes out of his way for aspiring CPA's. His lecture videos really are highly detailed and break down concepts in a way that a textbook or review course may not explain as well. In addition, Mr. Farhat is very open to any questions from aspiring professionals whether it's how to prepare mentally for the CPA exam or advice regarding other certifications and how to maintain them. Even if you are still new in your accounting path, his lecture videos can be a great resource for those that are still studying in college.

Simon Schnelle

Federal Employee

I had zero knowledge in US tax and US law. I felt that I was not ready for my REG session. I feel very lucky to find Farhat lectures. Farhat makes complicated concepts become easy to understand. Whenever I had questions, even Professor was very busy, he still helped me solve my tax questions with his best effort! He provided a good strategy for me on how to prepare my REG exam. Even though the last minute, Professor would answer my Estate Tax question. He is the best Professor, I have ever met in my life! I get 85 in my REG exam, it is solely because of Professor’s great help and teaching! He is a super good and knowledgeable Professor. He can make those complicated tax ordinance become common sense. Comparing reading the textbook versus using Farhat Lectures, I definitely will choose Farhat Lectures! Because it will save my time and understand the accounting concepts in a much better way! Again, thanks Professor Farhat for your great time and effort helping me to pass REG! Every day, you answered my questions patiently and super helpful! You are super great! Thanks, Professor! Website:

Elizabeth NG, CPA

Certified Public Accountant

I’ve been watching Prof. Farhat’s videos since I took my first intermediate accounting classes back in undergrad. During my CPA journey, I referred back to his lectures when I had a problem understanding a concept. Prof. Farhat did a great job in making the concept clear and easy to understand by using an numerical example and walking me through the calculation step by step. As I completed my CPA exam, I’d like to thank him for providing such beautiful materials. I strongly recommend that you make a good use of his free channel as supplement to your main studying materials. I know you already have so many video lectures in your review course to be completed but it’s definitely not a waste of your time watching an additional videos on the important topics or those that you are not quite sure about. Best of luck in obtaining your professional license!

Kasey Luu, CPA, MSA

Tax Senior at EY

I cannot thank Professor Farhat enough for his help in passing all four sections of the CPA exam! Between the video lectures, real-world experiences, and examples (MCQ and Sims), his content formed the foundation of my study plan. I would recommend anyone embarking on the CPA exam journey to include Professor Farhat’s materials in their is worth it!!

Stephanie Bowie

Lead With Impact

I would definitely recommend his FAR lectures for CPA exam. They were very comprehensive and helpful. I am from Finance background , his videos helped me to refresh my knowledge and clear the CPA exam. Thank you.

Jyothi Rajendran

PwC , CPA, CA-India.

Mansour Farhat is an excellent resource for anyone interested in obtaining their CPA license. He is knowledgeable, and he makes himself available. I recommend his lectures at every turn throughout the journey.

Nima Rezaei, CPA, MBA

NIMA CPA's, Shareholder

Farhat Sir is an amazing professor, who brings all the skills and expertise in the field of accounting. It was indeed a great pleasure in studying FAR (termed as the toughest paper of CPA) with his videos and with real life examples that he experienced in his course of accounting journey. It was a great learning experience studying with his videos where each and every concept was clarified with an ease that is unforgettable for your lifetime. Lastly, I would highly recommend watching his video lecture and CPA won’t be that far. Thank you sire for all your efforts in making this possible.

Poorvi Aggarwal

CPA (US) | Assistant Manager at EY | Assurance

Dear professor Farhat, I was able to passed 3 sections of the CPA exam, because of your video lectures. Two years ago, I decided to sit for the CPA exam and I purchase all four parts of Becker course. I was able to score well on FAR, but not on any other sections. So, before I knew it the product expired. Then I decided to looked for an alternative option and at the beginning of the year, I found your lectures. At that time, I had 8 months to pass BEC, REG, and AUD, before losing the credit for FAR. Thanks to your magical teaching technics I was able to pass all 3 sections of the exam and I did not loose my credit for FAR. As a supplement I used Willey test bank. Now I only need to cover the work experience and then apply for the license. Truthfully, I can not thank you enough. I decided to send you this message to let you know that I appreciate everything you do. Thanks again! I wish the best to you and your family!

Nadia Anguelova, CPA

Audit and Assurance at UHY LLP, Certified Public Accountants

I am in process of studying for the CPA exam and found professor Farhat's exam review videos extremely helpful! Video are engaging and so easy to understand even for someone who speaks English as a second language! Professor Farhat does a wonderful job at explaining complicated concepts with the help of real life examples and even drawing it out for those who have a better visual memory! You can also reach out to him for advice about career opportunities. He is professional, amicable and helpful even to someone whom he never met in person!

Malina Chereji, CPA

Certified Public Accountant

Mansour's lectures are outstanding and an incredible resource!

Peter Roland, PhD, AIFA, CFP, CPA

Creating Wealth through Professional Collaboration and the Promise of Blockchain/Digital Assets.

Hi Mansour , I really want to thank you for helping me attain my accounting degree. You were big part of my accomplishment and I watched your lectures to tackle my hard exams. Thank you again for making the lives of many accounting students including myself easier with your simple to understand lectures! Thanks again, Abdirisaq

Amar Omar

Senior Accountant

I highly recommend Farhat Accounting Lectures, I scored cumulatively 37 points higher utilizing his lectures in passing the CPA exam. Initially, I used a commercial brand CPA review. Going through the motions of watching lectures, taking notes, working homework problems, I often found myself trying to memorize mnemonics and numerous steps to solve problems. This technique led to confusion and failing results. After failing the exam, I reached out to Professor Farhat. I will always remember what he told me on that day, “If you shoot for the stars, you’ll land on the moon”. In other words, his lectures covered all areas tested on the exam in full detail. He integrated real world examples to help drive the material in a relatable fashion. As a result, I finally had the big picture and comprehended the information—no more gimmick “tips and tricks”. The CPA exam is a formidable task to accomplish, however that doesn’t mean you have to go in alone. Professor Farhat is extremely talented as he makes challenging exam topics easy to comprehend and retain. I can truly say that Farhat Accounting Lectures were a great contributor towards my success.

Ted Makosz, CPA


Prof. Farhat’s video lectures were very important and helpful to me for preparing the Part 2-Business of IRS Special Enrollment Exam. The video lectures are very detailed. It made me understand the concepts really well.

Seema Verma, EA

Enrolled Agent

I have difficulty to succeed CPA Audit exam. Most of the times, I received either 72 or 73 or 74 and unable to succeed. I was searching for some material in internet and found Professor Farhat's videos. When I went through these videos, they are easy to go through and understand the basic concepts where I really struggled. I tried to reach him. Professor Farhat is so responsive in supporting me and provided few tips with his material. I used his material and Gleim material. The beauty of Profession Farhat’s study material is that it provides basic to advanced needs of audit and far concepts. The examples that Professor Farhat provided in videos provide examples of how to make journal entries, accounting adjustments and specifically more details about reconciliation in Governmental accounting. His lectures in audit provides very good examples on how to perform internal controls and audit evidence. His advice and lectures helped me to get credits in CPA exams. Professor Farhat is a very highly intellectual with prominent level of knowledge and communication skills to support any accounting professional to become CPA . I would strongly recommend to go through his website and reach Professor Farhat for his advice.


COO/ CEO of Enkay Tax and Financial Services at Enkay Tax and Financial Services and LNKOYACPA LL

I was fortunate enough to come across Farhat lectures studying for FAR. My main go-to review course was good, but I felt I needed to take a step back to basics and review some long-forgotten/new concepts that my review course did not cover well. Professor Farhat has it all. His lectures are well organized, and you can pick and choose specific sections to listen to. He walks you step by step through them and takes the time to go over the hard concepts for reinforcement. His videos combine thorough explanations and extended examples including Journal Entries for FAR/AUD, which, as I came to learn, are CRUCIAL for passing both exams. The feeling you get watching his videos is that he is not afraid to touch and dwell on those hard-to-grasp concepts. For instance, he'd be illustrating a concept and then you're thinking to yourself: "wow, this is great. If he only took the time to journalize it all". Next thing you know, he does exactly that, leaving zero room for doubt about what just happened there. Professor Farhat is an accounting powerhouse. Full of energy and enthusiasm, he narrates his videos with great diligence, leaving no stone unturned. If you started your CPA journey or about to start, you'll quickly learn that passing these exams boils down to coverage, not necessarily to depth. Having the powerhouse he is by your side coupled with a good review course, will get you over the edge for sure. I can't thank him enough for his videos, support, and for truly caring about random CPA-candidates (like me :) contacting him for advice. I can say wholeheartedly that I owe him many points on my FAR exam, and for helping me make it to the finish line. Check out his website: and contact him directly if you have any questions. He is truly a great guy and an accounting professor!

Idan Cohen, MBA, CPA

Translator at Translation Back Office

I highly recommend Professor Farhat's videos and CPA exam tutorial services. After just two tutorial sessions with him I was able to raise my FAR exam score from a 60 to an 80. On the day of my retake I went into the testing center feeling poised and confident that I had the depth of knowledge necessary to pass one of the most rigorous parts of the CPA examination. The work that he does with students and CPA candidates is priceless. With learning and using his approach I'm sure that I can achieve this lifelong goal of becoming a CPA. I took Audit in early July and plan to take Reg in early September following the technique that he prescribed. Thanks to Professor Farhat's knowledge and dedication to the teaching profession I'm on task to pass all parts of the exam within one year. Earning the CPA designation can be a challenging process for some, especially with the 18-month clock ticking. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or that your CPA prep software is not enough to give you the necessary passing scores check out his videos and give his tutorial services a try. I am so happy that I did.

Karen (Butler) Simmons

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)