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This supplemental REG Becker course is best for CPA candidates who are studying for the CPA exam using Becker. The lessons and MCQs in this course supplement (not substitute) Becker material. The course explains the theory behind the concepts.  The tax topics are covered in depth and slower than your Becker course.  The course is mapped to your Becker course.  Start your free trial.
Mansour Farhat · 21 March 2023

Course Description

Our REG Becker Supplemental course meticulously delves deeper into topics that REG Becker might skim over. We take a more measured and in-depth approach, ensuring you fully grasp each concept.

Who should take this REG Becker supplemental course?

  • Your CPA review course seems too brief or/and fast-paced.
  •  Candidates facing tax knowledge gap
  •  Time gap between graduation and exam preparation
  •  International CPA candidates who are not familiar with the U.S. accounting standard and/or tax system
  •  Combination of the above

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. Enhanced Explanations: We offer a comprehensive breakdown of each topic we cover by Professor Farhat.
  2. Seamless Integration: Our course structure mirrors REG Becker’s layout, making it a breeze for students to locate corresponding supplemental materials. You’ll find materials tagged as R 1-M1, R 1-M2, R 1-M3, and so forth.
  3. Diverse Question Set: Challenge yourself with our wide range of questions, each designed to solidify your understanding. Test your knowledge with over 1,000 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and True/False (TF) queries, alongside practical exercises to fortify your understanding.
  4. Complementary, Not Competitive: Our course is tailored to enhance, not replace, your Becker materials. Think of it as adding another layer of understanding
  5. Video strategies: Video explanations on how to solve actual MCQs and simulations on the exam day.
  6. Exclusive community platform:  Connect with others who are studying for the same exam.  
Dive deeper. Practice harder. Supplement your Becker course with precision and purpose.

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