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+ Advanced Accounting Course 50+ videos)

Our subscription gives you access to all our courses & materials

$ 29.99 /Month
  • 2000 CPA Exam Questions
  • 2000 CPA Exam Questions
  • 2000 CPA Exam Questions


People what they think about courses

Maria Montoya-Elder AVP Risk Testing Manager at Finwise Bank

I am very grateful for the YouTube videos that Mr. Farhat has made. He is great at explaining the topics and including real life examples in a way that is easy to comprehend. He is definitely enthusiastic and passionate about the subjects he discusses.

Carlisha Jenkin, CPA Assistant Accounting Manager

Professor Farhat, thank you for your videos and willingness to offer such great videos. Studying for the CPA exam and then my master's degree was so much easier with your YouTube videos!! I appreciate all the help you gave. Thank you for being there greatest teacher I never

Simon Schnelle CPA Candidate

Mansour Farhat really goes out of his way for aspiring CPA's. His lecture videos really are highly detailed and break down concepts in a way that a textbook or review course may not explain as well. In addition, Mr. Farhat is very open to any questions from aspiring professionals whether it's how to prepare mentally for the CPA exam or advice regarding other certifications and how to maintain them. Even if you are still new in your accounting path, his lecture videos can be a great resource for those that are still studying in college.

MItali Mahatma CA-Director of Finance and Operation at Vizlitcs Technologies Private Limited

Your Lectures helped me a lot. I started taking your lectures when i got stuck in audit sampling. since then I am taking your lectures only, for studying. you explain with the help of example for better understanding of the concept.

Amber Frazier Controller- CPA Candidate

Mr. Farhat’s YouTube lectures have taught me more about accounting than my undergrad and grad programs could ever imagine. Professor above all others!


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    No, there is no fee to cancel your subscription. However, you don’t receive a refund or a prorated amount in case of cancellation for that particular month.  You will have access to till end of  your subscription period.


    My website will benefit any accounting student or CPA candidate who needs supplemental help to succeed.  

    1. CPA Candidates taking a review course with Becker, Roger, Gleim, Wiley, Surgent or any other CPA review course provider.  (FAR, AUD, REG, BEC).
    2. CMA Candidates
    3. EA Candidates

    Accounting students taking the following courses:

    1. Financial (Basic) Accounting
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    4. Intermediate Accounting (I, II, III)
    5. Audting & Attestation
    6. International Accounting
    7. Income Tax
    8. Governmental Accounting
    9. Advanced Accounting

    CPA review providers assume that you already learned the material.  In contrast to a CPA review course I teach you the material.  I assume you need the prerequisite knowledge. My website prepares you well your CPA review course.

    Yes, you will still need a CPA review course. My material is best used in conjunction with CPA review course.  I supplement and not substitute your CPA review course.


    My material is best used to zoom in on your weak areas.  Your weak areas are topics that you either did not learn properly in college, learn a while ago or never learn at your university/college. If you would like a personal consultation on how to use the material, reserve a personal a time slot with professor Farhat on Calendly.


    Each individual is unique.  Reserve a time slot for a free personal consultation on Calendly with professor Farhat.

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