Government and Not-For-Profit Accounting Course

    Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting

    Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting

    My government accounting course introduces the fundamentals of accounting for nonprofit and government organizations. It emphasizes the issues related to fund accounting, including general and revenue funds, debt service funds, capital project funds, internal service funds, enterprise and fiduciary funds, long-term debt and fixed-asset accounting, and planning and control of cash and temporary investments. Other topics include budgeting, budgetary control and reporting, management control, financial reporting, budgeting and controlling operations, cost determination, strategic planning, program analysis, measurement of output, reporting on performance, full-accrual and modified-accrual accounting, cost determination, tax levies, auditing, and preparation of financial statements. Those lessons are also covered in my CPA exam lessons.  Or Browse from menu above.

    • Chapter 1

      Introduction to Financial Reporting for Governmental (2 lessons).
      Topics covered

      How do Government and Not-for-Profit Compare Business and for Profit Entities, Objective of Financial reporting for State and Local Governments, Governmental and Not-for-Profit.

    • Chapter 2

      Government Fund Accounting (6 lessons).
      Topics covered

      Fund Accounting, Fund Balance, Elements of Financial Statements of Governmental Financial Statements. Overview of General Fund, Debt Funds, Capital Project Funds, Special Revenue Funds, Enterprise Funds, Internal Service Funds, Agency Funds, Pension Funds, Trust Funds, Governmental and Not-for-Profit.

    • Chapter 3

      Modified Accrual Accounting and Governmental Budgeting (5 lessons).
      Topics covered

      Modified Accrual, Current Financial Resource Measurement, Modified accrual Versus Full Accrual, Government Budgeting, Appropriation, Encumbrances, Estimated Revenues, Governmental and Not-for-Profit.

    • Chapter 4

      Revenue Recognition for Governmental Accounting (5 lessons).
      Topics covered

      Exchange and Non-Exchange Transaction, Imposed Tax Revenue, Derived Tax Revenue, Grant Revenue, Property Tax Revenue, On Behalf Payment, Licence and Permit Revenue, Governmental and Not-for-Profit.

    • Chapter 5

      Recognizing Expenditures in Governmental Funds. CPA Exam FAR (9 lessons).
      Topics covered

      Expenses Versus Expenditures, Expenditures for: Compensated Absences, Pension, Claims and Judgement, Material, Supplies, Capital Assets, Interest and Principle, Governmental and Not-for-Profit.

    • Chapter 6

      Government Non-Exchange Transactions and Government Reciprocal, Inter-fund Transfers (2 lessons).
      Topics covered

      Non-Exchange Expenditures, Reciprocal and Non-Reciprocal Transfers, Governmental and Not-for-Profit

    • Chapter 8

      Accounting for General Funds (6 lessons).
      Topics covered

      General Fund, Debt Funds, Capital Project Funds, Special Revenue Funds, Permanent Funds, Governmental and Not-for-Profit.

    • Chapter 9

      Proprietary Funds (6 lessons).
      Topics covered

      Enterprise Funds, Landfill Cost, Accounting for Internal Service Funds, Preparing Cash Flow Statement, Governmental and Not-for-Profit.

    • Chapter 10

      Preparing Government-Wide Statements (5 lessons).
      Topics covered

      Reconciliation Fund Financial Statement wit Government-Wide Financial Statements: Long Term Debt, Capital Assets, Revenues and Expenses, Governmental and Not-for-Profit.

    • Chapter 11

      Fiduciary (Trust) Funds (3 lessons).
      Topics covered

      Agency Funds, Private Purpose Trust Funds, Pension Trust Funds, Governmental and Not-for-Profit.

    • Chapter 12

      Accounting for Private Not-for-Profit Organizations (7 lessons).
      Topics covered

      Net Assets Unrestricted, Net Assets Temporary Restricted, Permanently Restricted, Contribution and Pledges for Not-for-Profit, Contribution Revenue, Contribution of Services, Accounting for Investments, Governmental and Not-for-Profit.

    • Chapter 13

      Governmental Auditing Standards (2 lessons).
      Topics covered

      GAAS, GAGAS, Generally Accepted Auditing Standards, Government Auditing, Yellow Book, The Single Audit Act of 1984, Governmental and Not-for-Profit.

      • Chapter 14

        Performance Evaluation for Government and Not-for-Profit Organizations (3 lessons).
        Topics covered

        Performance Evaluation for Not-for-Profit Organization, Performance Evaluation for Government, Service Efforts and Accomplishments SEA Reporting, Governmental and Not-for-Profit.